About MSAC

One of the oldest amateur diving clubs in Malaysia having been formed in 1959 in Kuala Lumpur.

Members of MSAC comes from a large cross section of Malaysia diving society Malayan Sub Aqua Club hosts several diving trips every year, some trips are local and some are overseas trips. It also regularly trains and qualifies new divers as well as advanced divers and diving instructors.

Why Join MSAC

Advantages of belonging to a Dive Club

MSAC offers safe diving with trained peers and social events for members to exchange diving information, gear tips and plan trips.

What are the differences?

Diving in a social group is different than diving with strangers. Frequently diving with commercial operators would mean maximizing personal benefits but not sharing that enjoyment with friends.

Sea Awareness

Be an eco-conscious diver! Respect marine life, never touch, feed or remove anything from the ocean, and properly dispose of trash to help preserve our oceans.

Our Certificate

Join Us to Explore the Undersea World